How to Block Websites with Mikrotik proxy

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This example will explain you "How to Block Web Sites” & "How to Stop Downloading”. I have use Web-Proxy test Package.
First, Configure Proxy.
/ip proxy
enabled: yes
port: 8080
cache-drive: system
cache-administrator: "ASHISH PATEL"
max-disk-cache-size: none
max-ram-cache-size: none
cache-only-on-disk: no
maximal-client-connections: 1000
maximal-server-connections: 1000
max-object-size: 512KiB
max-fresh-time: 3d
Now, Make it Transparent
/ip firewall nat
chain=dstnat protocol=tcp dst-port=80 action=redirect to-ports=8080
Make sure that your proxy is NOT a Open Proxy
/ip firewall filter
chain=input in-interface= src-address= protocol=tcp dst-port=8080 action=drop
Now for Blocking Websites
/ip proxy access
dst-host=www.vansol27.com action=deny
It will block website http://www.vansol27.com, We can always block the same for different networks by giving src-address. It will block for particular source address.
We can also stop downloading files like.mp3, .exe, .dat, .avi,…etc.
/ip proxy access
path=*.exe action=deny
path=*.mp3 action=deny
path=*.zip action=deny
path=*.rar action=deny.
Try with this also
/ip proxy access
dst-host=:mail action=deny
This will block all the websites contain word "mail” in url.
Example: It will block www.hotmail.com, mail.yahoo.com, www.rediffmail.com

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